TurboConcept is an industry-reference provider of Intellectual Property Cores (IP Cores) for advanced Forward Error Correction techniques. Our solutions are widely adopted in the industry, with more than 50 License Agreements so far over the past 10 years. The major benefits of our solutions are: Best performance versus hardware cost solutions Scalable solutions Low power design techniques Robust and silicon-proven cores High level of integration support Our expertise covers all flavours of advanced - iterative - error correcting schemes: Convolutional turbo codes LDPC codes Turbo Product Codes   
6 Solutions

4G multi-mode encoder TC1750
TC1750 is a high throughput turbo/convolutional code encoder covering LTE, HSPA+, WiMAX 16e/m. It performs either convolutional turbo code (CTC) encoding or convolutional code (CC) encoding and rate m...

4G multi-mode turbo decoder TC1700
TC1700 is a turbo decoder adressing LTE, LTE-A, WiMAX, HSPA/+, and legacy 3G standard. The core uses a unique architecture that reduces by more than 50 % the silicon area when compared to separate sin...

LTE / WiFi Viterbi decoder TC1720
TC1720 is a high throughput and low latency Viterbi decoder optimized for WiFi and LTE applications.

LTE Cat-0 turbo decoder TC1770
TC1770 is a IoT-optimized turbo decoder Core compliant with LTE Cat-0 / Cat-M (release 12 and release 13). This Core incorporates LTE rate matching and an efficient HARQ combining algorithm thats make...

WiMAX IEEE802.16d/e turbo decoder TC1000-WiMAX
TC1000-WiMAX is the industry reference for fixed and mobile WiMAX turbo code (CTC). This solution has been adopted by several industry leaders for usage in both Base Station (FPGA Core) and User Termi...

WiMAX IEEE802.16e LDPC decoder TC4200
C4200-WiMAX Core is a high speed Low Density Parity Check code (LDPC) decoder optimized for WiMAX (IEEE 802.16e) specifications. A patented decoding architecture allows meeting high throughputs within...








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