Mindway is a fast growing company focused on FPGA based IP core design, verification and integration services. Mindways mission is to supply state-of-art, cost-effective silicon solutions, allowing customers to build complex, innovative and high-margin products, and improve technology contents of designs. Mindway offers a large IP core portfolio for Audio, Video, Broadcast, Internet Protocol and Telecom application. Mindways main goal is to design IP with size and frequency optimization, in order to map them on mainstream Xilinx Spartan devices or to save resources on high level Xilinx Virtex family. Founded in 2005, Mindway, took over the design and consulting activity of Siscad (started in 1984), leveraging a strong background of more than 20 years of design skills in several different fields like Telecom, Broadcast, Aerospace, Home Automation, Industrial and Transportation. Mindway has joined the Xilinx Alliance Program and recently the SignOnce Professional Services Agreement (PSA); moreover, as Xilinx authorized training provider, offers specialized educational trainings. Mindway is headquartered in Agrate Brianza (Milan, Italy) at Centro Direzionale Colleoni business centre.    
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Audio and Video VoIP IP core on Xilinx FPGA Spartan-3A DSP families
VoIP (Video Over IP) is a system for transferring video and audio, usually compressed, from a source(s) to destination(s) using an IP protocol (UDP or TCP) on Ethernet. The advantage of the IP protoco...








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