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珠海创飞芯发布反熔丝eFPGA IP

Zhuhai Chuangfeixin Antifuse eFPGA IP

Zhuhai, China , Jan. 29, 2019 – 

CFX ("Zhuhai Chuangfeixin Technology Co., Ltd."), a one-stop shop of Flash memory IP and Flash memory chip provider, announced the production release of antifuse eFPGA Bitcell IP.

CFX's antifuse eFPGA Intellectual Property (IP) allows designers to create customizable one time programmable logic architecture. By providing full control over the parameters of the embedded-FPGA structure, eFPGA gives users the ability to define, build, analyze and vali-date the target capacity, performance, interconnect density and programming method. The antifuse programming of the FPGA logic allows the design to be hardened to comply with emerging regulations in automotive and medial device applications. The antifuse FPGA Bitcells have demonstrated to achieve 100 years data retention, ultra low post program re-sistance thus making the eFPGA as reliable as a traditional hard wired ASIC. The CFX's antifuse eFPGA is cost optimized in terms of area and density, reliability and performance. The antifuse eFPGA IP is ready to be ported to any foundries. It targets telecommunications, automotive, medical, machine learning and mission-critical applications.

"With our antifuse eFPGA IP products, we provide more degrees of freedom to users of our embedded-FPGA IP technology, CFX is able to expand our IP not only in local Chinese mar-ket but also to serve global semiconductor markets. Our technology has such advantages as ultra-high reliability and security, extended automotive grade operation temperature range (-55oC to 125oC), high speed, ultra-low power, high density and low program voltages. It pro-vides high performance and cost effective solution to our customers" commented by Dr. George Wang, President and CEO of Zhuhai Chuangfeixin Technology Co., Ltd.

ABOUT Zhuhai Chuangfeixin Technology Inc.

Zhuhai Chuangfeixin Technology Co., Ltd. is a one-stop shop of Flash memory IP and Flash memory chip provider with its headquarter at Zhuhai China. CFX's antifuse eFPGA, embed-ded flash eNOR, Antifuse OTP, and MTP IP technologies provide most competitive memory macro size and most reliable performance to its customers. The eNOR, Antifuse OTP, and MTP IP core are CMOS process compatible, and its implementation does not require special process optimization or additional process steps. CFX's memory IPs and stand-alone memory chip products are already in volume production at multiple leading semiconductor fabrication foundries.

For additional information on Zhuhai Chuangfeixin, please visit www.cfx-tech.com

Zhuhai Chuangfeixin Technology Inc. contact

Liang Shuqun

Tel: 13923386155

Email: liangshuqun@chuangfeixin.com








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