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硅谷公司Mirabilis Design推出了第一个用于电子系统和半导体的基于人工智能的电力勘探平台

Silicon Valley company Mirabilis Design unveils the first Artificial Intelligence-based Power Exploration platform for electronics systems and semiconductors

Sunnyvale, CA., Oct. 30, 2018 – 

Mirabilis Design announced the launch of VisualSim AI-based Power, a system-level power analysis platform for design teams looking to add power requirements to the early stage of product design. The AI-infused power exploration reduces the modeling effort by 80%, increases the accuracy with greater intelligence applied to how the real system will behave, and normalize the input mechanism for semiconductors, electronics systems and FPGA.

"Power analysis has always been a side topic in architecture exploration and, as such, never gets the benefit of early system-level analysis" said Deepak Shankar, Founder, Mirabilis Design. "Mirabilis Design has integrated power, timing and functionality into all our System Technology IP, thus making power optimization an integral part of systems engineering".

VisualSim Power Explorer is loaded with capabilities to measure power consumption, design power management algorithms and generate power profiles:

• Semiconductor architects get to optimize data movement to memory, task processing offset and minimize power spikes.

• Electronic product designers get to size the power generators, select batteries and modify software code to meet the power budget.

• Mechanical designers get input on the impact of thermal and shocks and the power dissipated, to help with enclosure and cooling design.

The AI-based power modeling library in VisualSim contains a power table to capture the state-wise power expressions, power management schedule, RegEx methods to capture the consumption by device and tasks, power generators for wind, water, motor and solar, and batteries for Li-On, Ni-Hd, Lead-Acid and Ni-Cd, . The power consumption and power management features render better performance trade-offs for low-power exploration of hardware, software and network. It swiftly virtualizes power usage over time and assesses possible candidates for power reduction. The reports generated offer designers the space to make timely decisions, including altering of clock speed, task-to-state mapping, management algorithm, power gating, varying sequence of requests, state transition times, battery capacity and generator schedules. Reports explicitly display state timing diagram, efficiency, cumulative power, power spikes and lifecycle of the power infrastructure.

Reduce power consumption, select the right battery and energy harvester and add impactful power management algorithms based on quantity analytics and measurements at the system-level VisualSim Power Explorer is available as an add-on to VisualSim Architect 18.3, the modeling and simulation platform from the Mirabilis Design. This product is used extensively in designing products from processors and System-on-Chip to aircraft avionics and safety critical systems. VisualSim Architect 18.3 and its add-on - VisualSim Power Explorer is available on Windows, Linux, and MAC OS.

About Mirabilis Design

Mirabilis Design, a Silicon Valley company, designs cutting edge software solutions that identify and eliminate risks in product performance. Its flagship product, VisualSim Architect is a system-level modeling, simulation, and analysis environment that relies on libraries and application templates to vastly improve model construction and time required for analysis. The seamless design framework facilitates designers to work on a design together, cohesively, to meet an intermeshed time and power requirements. It is typically used for maximum results, early in the design stage, parallel to the development of the product's written specification. It precedes implementation stages - RTL, software code, or schematic – rendering greater design flexibility.



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