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Dolphin Integration加速了基于ARM的安全物联网设备的节能SOC的发展

Dolphin Integration accelerates the development of energy-efficient SoCs for Arm-based secure IoT devices

Grenoble, 2018 -- October 1, 2018 -- Dolphin Integration today announced it is collaborating with Arm to make embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) devices more efficient. By combining a set of low-power and high-efficiency voltage regulators with a range of Arm-based IoT System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions, Dolphin aims to accelerate the cost-effective design of secure, smart and energy-efficient SoCs.

IoT devices are very diverse, spanning from the tiniest nodes for collecting measurements, to complex systems enabled to process data and make decisions locally, all while synchronizing with the cloud. By combining IP from Dolphin Integration with Arm’s flexible IP, SoC designers are now able to deliver complex systems to the market more quickly.

“Security, cost, and low-power are key enablers for IoT, and Arm’s hardware and software IP provides a solid foundation to build upon for a range of applications,” said Chet Babla, vice president of solutions, IoT Device Line of Business, Arm. “When paired with Dolphin Integration’s configurable voltage regulators, customers can significantly cut their development time when designing complex and unique IoT systems.”

Improving energy-efficiency has become a major challenge for most applications and is essential for IoT devices operating in a constrained environment. The integration of an on-chip power regulation network is the best approach for designing energy-efficient SoCs while reducing bill of material (BoM) costs.

“Whether you are looking at extending the battery life on a single charge or achieving a smaller form factor of your IoT device, Dolphin Integration can provide SoC designers with a complete, consistent and proven set of silicon IP for rapid integration of the power management network, building on Arm’s range of IoT SoC Solutions” said Christian Dupont, CEO at Dolphin Integration.

Dolphin Integration is the first to offer a complete and consistent range of standardized and configurable silicon IP for embedding the power regulation and management network, based on silicon proven implementations. Each kind of voltage regulator IP, whether switched-based or linear, has been designed to answer specific SoC power domain requirements such as low leakage current, high noise immunity, fast load transient or high-efficiency. The construction of each voltage regulator IP is also modular for adapting to each customer application requirements in terms of output current and of input/output voltage to help SoC designers achieve the best power, performance, area (PPA) and BoM costs at SoC level.

About Dolphin Integration

Dolphin Integration, now a registered trandemark of Dolphin Design SAS, is an integrated circuit design center and exporter of integrated circuits and components (virtual, analog and digital) for high volume manufacturing. As a major contributor to the emergence of a microelectronics design and following the explosive growth trends in semiconductor design, Dolphin Integration’s mission is to become a global player within the specialized market of service design and optimization of integrated circuits for very low energy consumption. The company's products focus on serving the needs of dynamic consumer and industrial markets such as IoT, mobile, and automotive, as well as those of the European defense design industry.

Dolphin Integration is a registered trademarks of Dolphin Design.

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Dolphin Integration accelerates the development of energy-efficient SoCs for Arm-based secure IoT devices








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