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Rambus takes aim at ARM in IoT security

May 21, 2018 // By Nick Flaherty, eeNews

Rambus has moved from being a patent and technology licensing company to a product and now an IoT services company that wants to take on ARM. Nick Flaherty talks to Jerome Nadel, the chief marketing officer, on where the company is heading, from cold computing to secure tokens.

"Rambus has had a very interesting history, with billions of dollars flowed in through high value licensing with the first versions of the company, you might call them Rambus 1.0 and 2.0,” said Jerome Nadel, senior vice president and CMO of Rambus. “The thing that held these technologies together was a licensing platform, from LED lighting to differential power analysis.”

It started out with high speed serial interface designs that were patented and the patents and technology licensed to a wide range of customers. Other technologies were then added to the licensing platform, creating a disparate set to IP. Acquisitions for Memory and Interface division and Rambus Security included the memory interconnect technology from Inphi that has been used to develop a family of buffer chips, as well as the Snowbush serial/deserialization IP from Semtec that is now used for GDDR6 graphics chip interfaces.

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Rambus takes aim at ARM in IoT security








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