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Quiddikey is a secure key management solution that dynamically reconstructs on-chip secret keys without ever storing those keys. This means that the keys are not present on the device when it is powered off, but generated only when needed on-the-fly using device-dependent Physically Unclonable Functions (PUFs). The technology used to do this is called Hardware Intrinsic Security (HIS) and makes use of the unique device fingerprint originating from deep sub-micron manufacturing process variations. It defeats the most advanced invasive hardware attacks on the key itself by simply not storing the key.


  • Superior anti-tamper and anti-cloning protection based on Hardware Intrinsic Security
  • Uses only a small block of standard SRAM - applicable in all process nodes
  • Optimized for small footprint
  • No need for non-volatile memory to store keys
  • Easy and fast implementation in HW - pure digital logic to integrate - tuning needed for special circuitry
  • Fast-track implementations in SW version (runs on embedded CPU) or in FPGA-based devices (e.g. Microsemi SmartFusion)
  • Cost efficient - small silicon area and/or SW footprint
  • Robust and reliable technology, exhaustively tested for the most extreme operating conditions
  • Requires only 20k gates


  • Hardware root-of-trust
  • Authentication
  • Secure Boot
  • Secure Element
  • Content Protection
  • Sensitive government applications
  • Mobile
  • Internet of things (IoT)

Block Diagram

Tech Specs

Maturity Silicon proven


  • Supporting key lengths up to 256 bit symmetric, 512 bit ECC and 4096 bit RSA
  • Invasively reading out a memory will not reveal information about the key
  • Tampering with the memory will not reveal the key
  • Flexible and dynamic key programming of multiple, cryptographically separated keys
  • Anti-cloning: copying the activation code, key codes and software to another device results in a non-functional device
  • Keys are extracted from a device s hardware fingerprint
  • No key present at power-off in the system


  • RTL silicon IP
  • Software (run as executable code on an embedded CPU)
  • FPGA that can be integrated seamlessly into any chip design
  • Documentation








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