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All Silicon IP

Short Description

专门用于边缘深度学习的低功耗AI处理器系列。 提供独立的专用AI处理器,为包括物联网,智能手机,监控,汽车,机器人,医疗和工业在内的广泛终端市场提供性能扩展。 NeuPro建立在CEVA在计算机视觉应用深层神经网络领域的行业领先地位和经验的基础上。 数十家客户已经将CEVA-XM4和CEVA-XM6视觉平台与CDNN神经网络软件框架一起部署在消费,监控和ADAS产品中。 这个全新的专用AI处理器系列在性能方面提供了相当大的提升,从入门级处理器的2 Tera Ops(TOPS)到最高级配置的12.5 TOPS。


Dedicated low power AI processor family for Deep Learning at the edge. Providing a self-contained, specialized AI processors, scaling in performance for a broad range of end markets including IoT, smartphones, surveillance, automotive, robotics, medical and industrial.
NeuPro builds on CEVA s industry-leading position and experience in deep neural networks for computer vision applications. Dozens of customers are already deploying the CEVA-XM4 and CEVA-XM6 vision platforms along with the CDNN neural network software framework in consumer, surveillance and ADAS products. This new family of dedicated AI processors offers a considerable step-up in performance, ranging from 2 Tera Ops Per Second (TOPS) for the entry-level processor and 12.5 TOPS for the most advanced configuration.


The NeuPro AI processor family were designed to reduce the high barriers-to-entry into the AI space in terms of both architecture and software. Enabling an optimized and cost-effective standard AI platform that can be utilized for a multitude of AI-based workloads and applications
  • Self-contained AI Processor - reduce the high barriers-to-entry into the AI space in terms of both architecture and software
  • Offers a considerable step-up in performance. Ranging from 2 TOPS up to 12.5 TOPS for the most advanced configuration
  • Optimized for scalable power consumption, performance, and area (PPA) requirements

Block Diagram


  • NeuPro AI processor consists of the NeuPro Engine and the NeuPro VPU
    • NeuPro Engine - Specialized engines for Matrix Multiplication, Fully Connected, Activation and Pooling layers
    • NeuPro VPU - Fully programmable Vector Processor Unit for customer extensions, customization and CDNN firmware
  • Supports both 8bit and 16bit quantization
    • Optimized real-time decision made in order to achieve the best tradeoff between precision vs. performance
  • Support up to 4K 8x8 MACs
  • Support all layer types and NN topologies
  • Optimized DDR BW
    • Advanced DMA controller
    • On-the-fly Activation and Pooling pipeline processing
  • The NeuPro family comprises four AI processors offering different levels of parallel processing:
    • NP500 is the smallest processor, including 512 MAC units and targeting IoT, wearables and cameras
    • NP1000 includes 1024 MAC units and targets mid-range smartphones, ADAS, industrial applications and AR/VR headsets
    • NP2000 includes 2048 MAC units and targets high-end smartphones, surveillance, robots and drones
    • NP4000 includes 4096 MAC units for high-performance edge processing in enterprise surveillance and autonomous driving








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