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Short Description

RivieraWaves蓝牙IP系列是用于低能耗蓝牙(BLE)和双模(BTDM)的SoC / ASSP嵌入式平台的综合套件。 与Wi-Fi IP(802.11a / b / g / n / ac)系列一起,蓝牙IP构成了CEVA广受欢迎且经过生产验证的RivieraWaves无线连接产品组合的一部分。


The RivieraWaves Bluetooth IP family is a comprehensive suite of SoC/ASSP- embeddable platforms for Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) and dual-mode (BTDM). Together with the Wi-Fi IP (802.11a/b/g/n/ac) family, the Bluetooth IP forms part of CEVA s popular and production-proven RivieraWaves Wireless Connectivity portfolio.

The platforms consist of a hardware baseband controller, a PHY (modem + RF), and a feature-rich software protocol stack. For BLE, this protocol stack encompasses the Link layer up to the GAP/GATT, as well as a comprehensive list of services and profiles. For BTDM, this protocol stack presents an industry-standard HCI interface. A flexible radio interface enables the platform to be deployed with either RivieraWaves RF or various partners RF IPs, enabling optimal selection of both foundry and process node.

The software stack is easily portable to many embedded processors, including CEVA-TeakLite-4, CEVA-X1, ARM Cortex-M??ries, ARC family, Cortus APS family, AndesCore family, and others.

The Bluetooth IPs are provided with an optional FPGA platform and a comprehensive GUI validation tool for manual testing and automatic execution of test scripts in laboratory tests.

The RivieraWaves Bluetooth IP platforms are complemented in many applications by CEVA s extensive portfolio of audio and voice functionality and always-on sensor hub solutions, based around the CEVA-TeakLite-4 or CEVA-X1 DSP cores.


The comprehensive RivieraWaves Wireless Connectivity IP platforms simplify development and deployment of wireless connectivity by:
  • Bluetooth Qualified design for low risk and fast integration into SoC.
  • Offering an upgrade path as the standard evolves (currently supporting up to Bluetooth 5)
  • Supporting a wide variety of CEVA and third-party embedded processors and radios

Block Diagram


  • Full Bluetooth compatibility - BLE, BTDM, BT, including Bluetooth 5
  • Hardware baseband controller with minimal interrupts for lowest power (and MIPS) solution
  • Hardware modem
  • Feature-rich software protocol stack, supporting all Bluetooth modes and packet types
  • RF/analogue transceiver








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