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All Silicon IP

Short Description

用于集成SoC的Speedcore嵌入式FPGA(eFPGA)IP专为计算和网络加速应用而设计,基于Achronix s Speedster 22i FPGA中的相同高性能架构。


Speedcore embedded FPGA (eFPGA) IP for integration SoCs is designed for compute and network acceleration applications and is based on the same high-performance architecture that is in Achronix s Speedster 22i FPGAs. Speedcore eFPGA products are fully supported by Achronix s robust and proven ACE design tools. Achronix s Speedcore embedded FPGA architecture includes look-up-table, memory, and DSP building blocks that are designed in a modular structure which allows customers to define any quantity of resources required for their end system. Achronix delivers the Speedcore IP in GDSII format for the customer to integrate into their ASIC and delivers the Achronix ACE design tools that are used to compile designs into the Speedcore eFPGA.


  • Low Power : Speedcore s combined static and dynamic power consumption is less than half that of high-performance standalone FPGAs.
  • High Performance : Speedcore interfaces are massively parallel, direct connections with latency as low as 2 ns, whereas the latency performance for standalone FPGAs is typically 30ns to 100ns and is the performance bottleneck.
  • Cost savings : Speedcore eliminates the standalone FPGA costs and reduces system production costs for the following items:
    • Smaller PCB size
    • Reduced PCB layer count
    • Eliminate FPGA supporting components
    • Improved system reliability
  • Low Risk : Speedcore is based on the same technology used in Speedster22i FPGAs. ACE design tools support Speedster and Speedcore products. Customers can use ACE today to benchmark Speedcore performance, power and area utilization.

Tech Specs

Geometry nm16
Maturity In Production
Target Process Node16FFP








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